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Our Vision

To achieve excellence in all sectors of the textile industry, from fiber to finished product, constantly striving to be at the forefront of our industry and to generate highest possible value for all stakeholders.

Our Mission

To manufacture international quality yarn and fabric, with the highest level of competitiveness on all parameters.

Developing long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers

Providing superior quality products at competitive prices

Exceeding industry standards with exceptional customer and technical service

Maintaining our competitive position through leading edge technology

Providing a safe, fulfilling, and rewarding work environment for our employees, and

Serving and supporting the communities in which we operate

Our Social Resposibility

We spend a significant of our investment on Cleanliness, Green Technogy to save environment.For Example,recycling water and reuse is an example. Almost ZERO emission to our environment has been achieved by us.Our staffs and workers are getting health benefit and the proper training on living clean and healthy life.