Home Infrastructure

The one remarkable aspect that makes ACML stand out from the crowd is our constant endeavor to upgrade and embrace the most modern of technology, to serve our customers better, and with more efficiency. All our efforts are concentrated on using cutting edge technology in our State of the art production unit boasting of world class machinery.

This penchant for maintaining the highest standards of quality across every stage of the manufacturing process ensures that we always meet or exceed customer’s expectations, every time. Our sophisticated production facility is also responsible for the remarkable turnaround time and our prompt delivery schedules.


ACML has the following machines to maintain quality standards.

Back Process (Blow room-Carding-Draw Frames): Reiter, Switzerland

Contamination Cleaner: Direct MPIX Twin, Vision Sheild Joshi

Simplex: Toyoda, Japan

Ring Frame: Marzoli-Dontai with Texparts, Europe (Drafting, Spindle etc.),

Lakshmi LR60i

Auto Coner: Schlafhorst 338, Murata 21C with USTER Quantum-3 FFD clearer

Yarn Conditioner: Xorella, Switzerland.