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We are specialized on 100% cotton yarn.We manufacture premium quality of yarn in different diameters and in long and continuous length. Our range of yarn stands exceptional in terms of quality and durability. Variety of yarn produced by us includes Combed Yarn,Carded Yarn, Slub Yarn, Organic Yarn(Combed & Carded).Yarn Made from BCI, TBC & CMIA etc. All these yarns are widely used in textiles, knitting,weaving,etc and are offered at highly  compact yarn, melange yarn, dyed polyester blended yarn, kermal blended yarn, carbon yarn and fancy yarn. All these yarns are widely used in textiles, sewing, knitting, weaving, embroidery etc., and are offered at highly competitive prices. We are also having Organic cotton certified by GOTS. A desiring customer can look for :

Product Range of 100% Cotton (Conventional,Organic,BCI,TBC and CMIA)

Carded yarn count range: NE 12 to NE 40. Capacity per day: 35 tons

Combed yarn count range: NE 20 to NE 40. Capacity per day: 10 tons

Slub Yarn Count Range: NE16 to NE34. Capacity per day: 5tons