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Made in Bangladesh

Asia Composite Mills Ltd., one of the leading spinning mills in Bangladesh, has made a remarkable position as a manufacturer and exporter of 100% cotton yarn. We believe that quality products are not only delivered by promises but also by proven results through innovation in defining production processes of higher quality and marketing available modern technologies and professionals. It’s our demand for perfection.

A team of experienced experts in their respective fields is knit together, and each one of them has been made responsible for his area of operation. They are infused with a spirit of quality consciousness and performance-oriented customer care.

Asia Composite Mills Ltd. prioritizes PRODUCT QUALITY / TIME FACTORS.

Our top priority is to protect CUSTOMER INTERESTS with a COMMITMENT TO ASSURED PERFORMANCE in letter and spirit.

Making Living Sustainable:

Asia Composite Mills Ltd. strictly adheres to its mission and commitment to the sustainability of society. The Company is committed to putting its mark by fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals with the best practices. Meanwhile, the Company’s management is actively exploring and collaborating with the government and local bodies for future collaboration to make this planet a sustainable place.

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