About Asia Composite Mills Ltd.

About Us

Asia Composite Mills Ltd. is one of the fastest-growing textile companies in international markets, managed by highly skilled professionals, innovators, qualified and experienced dedicated leaders, and a dedicated workforce. and capacity of 64500 spindles. We have installed the latest state-of-the art machines from world leaders to produce the highest quality of cotton yarn. We strive to be a premier provider of yarn around the globe and a partner of choice for our customers. Asia Composite Mills Ltd. is a leading supplier in the international market and exports to the most valued clients in Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Spain, Malaysia, etc. We are screened and chosen by our overseas customers on the basis of plant and machinery, state-of-the-art technologies, technical upgrades, selection of raw materials, lab equipment, quality systems, certifications, consistency in quality, skills of our workforce, competitive prices, and overall commitments. We work in tandem with our overseas customer in product development, setting up processing techniques, selecting raw materials, logistics, and documentation to avoid any difficulty at their end and to meet the requisite products.

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